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Thinking Out Loud…

I’ve been thinking about making some changes to this site, and I thought I’d do some thinking out loud here to clarify my thoughts and get some opinions if you care to share any.

I think I’m going to be retiring the Meters. I know Steve will be bummed about that, but I haven’t been keeping up with them. I think the reason why I haven’t kept them up to date is that they are just too negative. I don’t really want to remember how many ASAPs I get. And there is no physical way to keep up with the No-Time meter. It would be up to a few hundred thousand by now, and I really would rather not dwell on that. It is also not good for me— I don’t really need to be creating more reasons to be down. So, I’m thinking of replacing the meters with my latest post on Jangly Ganglia. I kind of like the thought of swapping out the negative for the positive there.

I also want to change the Elsewhere section. I have decided lately that I hate link blogs. Most of them keep rehashing the same stuff, and I end up hearing about the same post about 50 times. I subscribe to the original. I don’t need to be notified about it repeatedly from every corner of the web. The notion of adding to that noise isn’t really appealing to me, so I have been neglecting that section. I am thinking of turning it into a “Notes” section, a place where I can write a small post about something I find interesting. It may be a post on another site, a quote from a book I’m reading, a small piece of wackiness that happened that day, etc. I don’t really have a place for that— I feel like I need to write long articles in the 3 sections I have now. A place for a short quip would feel good. I’ll have to come up with a good drink name for that section— feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. Brian just suggested “J?gerBombs”, but that reminds me a bit too much of a couple of unfortunate nights in college…

I am also thinking of recoding the site. I don’t want to change the layout, because I still dig it, but it is just too damn slow. I am going to look at ways to get the page weight down; I have found a couple of scripts that may help. I also may just have to get my dad to switch to Firefox or IE7 so I can use transparent pngs and not have to rely on the big images I use now.

Plus, I want the animals back! The code I have now requires a lot of work to make a new animal theme, which is why there are only 2. The other critters are sitting on my hard drive threatening a rebellion if I don’t get them up here soon.

Well, enough rambling.



Elaine writes

May 2 at 11:03 PM #

more animals: good. 

short notes: also good. J


Andrea writes

May 3 at 01:31 AM #

Hmm—that’s a good idea.  maybe “A Sip of Tea” or something along those lines…


Kurt Potts writes

May 3 at 06:34 AM #

Beautiful site. More animals definetly. And about the “Notes”. Maybee a drink that comes in a shot. Something small that sticks with you.


Prabhath writes

May 3 at 02:24 PM #

“swapping out the nagative for the positive” – sounds excellent.

“Notes” rock. I was having the same thoughts when I redesigned my site.

Looking forward to the new animals :-)

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