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The state of Interllectual

This spring has been pretty tough for us. It has been non-stop vet visits and hospice care for Solstice and puppy care for Lola and several major colds for Andrea and Brian from the moment we got back into the country from Australia.

Things are starting to finally settle down, and I am starting to re-evaluate my online commitments. I am working on a redesign of this site, to make it better reflect where I am in my life at this point, and to make it more of an exciting place for me to write. Twitter has kind of taken the place of Jangly Ganglia in my life, and I am trying to think of creative ways to combine the two. I am all about simplifying my online self these days.

Luckily, Ellis Lab has released ExpressionEngine 1.6 with a Multiple Site Manager, which will help me simplify posting and create some exciting ways to blur the lines between my different projects. The new site will also feature animals in a totally different and more personal way, which I am really excited about. Those Australia photos and videos will finally see the light of day, too.

So, Interllectual is not dead, or rather, is being resurrected behind the scenes. It should be too long until it surfaces again with fresh and frequent content. I have a lot to say, I just need a site that I love to say it on, and to feel like I’m spreading little pieces of myself all over the interwebs. It’s time to reel them in, and that is what this new site will do.

I probably won’t post here or on Jangly much until the new design goes live. Hopefully that will be in a couple of weeks. I am active on Twitter, so if you need a fix, you can find it there. I also just joined Pownce-- not sure how much I’ll use it, but you can send me goodies through there if you want, as well. :)

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